I wasn’t completely sure as what to write. I know it was supposed to be about my book, but thats it so i’ll try my best.

My book is called “The Kissing Diary” and it’s about a 12 year old girl named Rosie Goldglitt. Rosie was given a Diary, by her father, after her parents got divorced. At first, she didn’t want the diary so she just threw it in the trash, right in front of her parents. Eventually her mother retrieved it from the trash, cleaned it off and set it on Rosie’s dresser. Rosie changed her mind and grabbed the diary and wrote “KISSING DIARY” across it in big bold letters. Her plan is to receive a kiss from her crush, Robbie Romano. But she isn’t exactly familiar with kissing, so she has to study. She takes notes on her mom kissing her boyfriend Sam, and her brother, Jimmy, kissing his girlfriend and writes them all neatly in her diary. She might also write about other things that she experiences that day too. A lot of things happen, Rosie’s grandfather isn’t feeling well, she gets put in the same group as (the evil) Mary Katz and Robbie, Oh and she hits Mary (After that happens she cant really forgive herself and she didnt really do it on purpose). One Day, she gets a note in her locker that says “Want to go to the dance with me? -R”, so Rosie obviously thinks it’s from Robbie. But she also thinks “Why would Robbie wanna go to the dance with me now? Doesn’t he think I’m a criminal? Everyone else does.”.  And if you want to know what happens… I’d suggest reading the book. It’s actually a very easy read. I couldn’t keep my eyes away from it. Although I liked the book (for the most part), I really didn’t like how it ended…. just saying.

Between handling her parents divorce, her mom’s new boyfriend, getting teased by devious the Mary Katz, and trying to get her friends trust back. Rosie has a lot to deal with.

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  1. eclawsonb5 said:

    sounds like a must read!
    But I might be able to wait untill you’re done with it! :)

  2. eclawsonb5 said:

    YEAH, can I borrow it tomorrow. I promise I’ll finish it over the weekend :) please!

  3. eclawsonb5 said:

    Ok, I knew they would get together in the end so why didn’t you like it? (without spoiling it for anyone who might want to read it)
    ?-How do see a draft you create?
    see you tomorrow :)

  4. eclawsonb5 said:

    sophie remember to do the blogging homework… cant wait to read it!

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